Melbourne: How To Get A Job In Australia

I’ll be honest with you; it’s not been the most exciting of weeks. The last 10 to 12 days feel like they’ve predominantly been spent looking for a place to live with limited success, I think I might have used all my luck up on the job front. Working, by the way, is the other way I’ve spent my time.

The Working Holiday

It has been an experience working abroad, I feel like I’m on holiday but I’m really not. It’s not very interesting so I’ll keep it short, I work Monday to Friday, 11:30 until 20:00 in a call centre. The job is best described as “alright”.

I think what’s more important here is how I came to get the job.

Where To Look

There are plenty of resources available to help you find a job once you’re in Australia or even before you leave home. There are numerous recruitment agencies and endless websites to browse. The most useful, and surprisingly least mentioned around the web is Seek:
Jobs galore!

What You Need

The first and most important thing to remember is your working visa, without one you’ll find it pretty tough to get past most online applications and recruitment screenings. A little pricey perhaps, but simple to get your hands on:

Depending on the type if work you plan on doing when you get here will determine what you will need to get a job.
The hospitality and construction industries both require that you have a job specific license. These can be acquired before arriving, or once you’re here. Watch out when applying for a responsible service of alcohol certificate though as I’ve heard some people mention they aren’t valid in every state.

You will need a Tax File Number if you don’t want to get nailed with a big Aussie tax deduction on pay day. Fortunately, these are super easy to get your hands on:

Another obvious one; update your C.V. Not just with recent occupational stuff but also your address and contact details for yourself when you’re in Australia. You’re not going to come across very well if you’re in the country and applying for jobs with a UK (or anywhere else) phone number. I only say this because I did it because I am stupid and you should learn from my mistakes.

There are mixed opinions on how easy it is to get a job out here, but I’m of the belief that if you want a job and you put the effort in to getting one, then you’ll have no trouble.

Good luck!

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