Packing for Real: The List

I’ve talked previously about what I consider essentials for me whilst travelling but unfortunately there is more to it than that. I’m about ready to move my clothes and belongings into my home away from home.

The Bags

Added bonus: packing for a long trip abroad is incredibly helpful for reducing the amount of things that you own. If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.

The Bags

My Eurohike Wilderness 55 has been with me on a fair few Scouting expeditions, festivals and was my friend in North America. I’d taken a significantly larger bag around Europe and downsizing was a number one priority. This time I’m happy to take the Wilderness again, it’s a good size and pretty comfortable. I’m on the backpack side of the fence primarily due to my attitude towards walking. Roller suitcases are terrible on pavement, walking with others, and I’ve had a habit of bouncing one off the back of my ankles. I hear they’re great for taking the weight off and apparently you can now get backpacks with wheels…

I’ve recently purchased the Lowe Alpine Strike 12. I’ve been used to having an old school rucksack as a day bag but felt that it would be worth trying out something a bit more adaptable. If all goes to plan and I manage to make Melbourne base-camp I’m going to hope to live out of the Strike on weekend trips as well as on days away. We’ll see how it works out!

I had initially planned to do one of those “this is what I’ve managed to fit in my bag” photos. But there is still so much room left in my bag that it’s not really much of an achievement at all. Instead, you get a super boring list of the things that I’ve packed! You don’t know how lucky you are.


    5 pairs of underwear
    5 sets of socks
    1 dress shirt, plus one “other” shirt (you know the one…)
    1 jumper
    1 pair of smart trousers
    1 belt
    1 raincoat
    5 t-shirts
    1 hoody
    1 pair of jeans
    1 pair of shorts
    1 pair of swimming shorts
    1 pair of hiking trainers
    1 pair of sandals
    1 pair of dress shoes
    1 tie
    1 pair of glasses
    1 pair of sunglasses


    iPhone (there was an incident with a lot of rain and my old Nokia that forced this upgrade.)

    Chargers for all of the above.
    1 adapter.
    1 power strip.


    Shower gel
    Lip balm
    Razor and blades
    Nail clippers
    A selection of basic medication and a first aid kit, just in case.

Basics & Misc

    Travel guide
    Wallet including credit, debit and cash cards
    One regular journal, one “Wreck this Journal”
    Padlock and key
    Playing cards
    Copies of everything important, including contact details and addresses

I am almost fairly certain that the list takes up more space that the actual belongings.

Anyway, what do you think I’ve missed? What would you definitely be taking that I’ve neglected?

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